The Digital Learning Lab focuses on research that combines technology and education. This includes digital literacy, games for learning and technology enabled learning.


Our Mission

With digital technologies increasingly being used across the education sector, have we really embraced their potential to enhance educational practice and transform the learning experience? Our research focuses on how we can reimagine education by using digital technology in transformational ways and how to equip our learners and their tutors with the skills, confidence and expertise to use technology in transformational ways.

“Technology can become the ‘wings’ that will allow the educational world to fly further and faster than ever before – if we allow it”
— Jenny Arledge

We are interested in exploring how digital technologies can:

  • Provide education anytime and anyplace, opening up access to education;
  • Enhance the educational experience through play and enjoyment leading to greater engagement and active learning;
  • Enable an individualised, personalised and safe learning experience;
  • Offer virtual and immersive experiences, not readily available in a real life educational setting.

All these must be underpinned by a strong pedagogical approach.

A strand of our work also focuses on computer science education: how can we provide the most effective learning experience for our computer and information science students

Our research is focused on Europe, Africa, and the Middle-East