In April, Becky, Opeyemi, Emma, Itoro (NUDLL) with Victor and Femi (STEMRES, Nigeria) presented a paper entitled “Barriers and Identified Solutions to the Integration of Digital Technologies in the Classroom: A Case Study of Teachers in Nigeria” at the 2019 IEEE EDUCON conference in Dubai. The paper presented results of a pilot study into the adoption and integration of Information and Communication Technology (ICT) in the classroom in Nigeria from the teachers’ perspective. Adopting a user-centred approach to examine barriers and potential solutions through the perspective/voice of the teacher and to provide a deeper understanding of the culture, the research used a combination of focus groups and questionnaires to collect data. The results show that the main barriers against the adoption and integration of ICT in the classroom include a lack of adequate and well-trained personnel, poor internet service, as well as high cost of access. The identified solutions include changes to the curriculum to support digital literacy, funding and material support from both regional and national government, and digital literacy training for the teachers. The findings of the research provide practical insights for school leaders and policy makers on strategies and recommendations to improve the adoption and integration of ICT in schools in Nigeria.

The slides to the presentation can be downloaded here -